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Sawkille Co. design takes its creative drive from relationships to traditional, experimental and personal frameworks.  A deep appreciation and study of the historic has allowed us to learn and develop our distinct furniture expression.  From this cross pollination of influences our designs reflect our unique stories, symbols and associations. 

At Sawkille Co. we are drawn to invoke the expression of our desire to participate in this good world in a good way; to create products and a work environment that reflect the value of human effort and creative vision.



Sawkille Co. is recognized for its designs and quality of craftsmanship.  All of the furniture is handcrafted using sustainably forested material and the production shop located in the Mid-Town neighborhood of Kingston, NY is a no-waste facility. 


“Homemaking is not so much about decoration and renovation. Rather, it’s a metaphor for community, for the design of an environment- professional or domestic or societal – that challenges and supports its inhabitants, an ideal closer to the arrangement of a Samoan village than a perfectly appointed living room.  It’s critical that home not just be a place that you use whatever is there, but that it be a place you are truly responsible for.”  

— Dr. Catherine Bateson.


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Jonah Meyer, owner + designer

Jonah has a background in Fine Art Painting and Sculpture. Formed in the fields of Pennsylvania where creativity and artistry met face on with the practicalities of homesteading in the 70’s.  Self-aware from a young age that being an Artist was his path, he graduated from RISD and moved to the Catskill Mountains where he generated his own version of sustaining life through Art.  Having sold his first chair design to one of his professors fueled his further exploration of chairs, first with twigs and roots and heavily organic shapes and 20 years later as the crisp vocabulary of Sawkille Co. seating.


To see Jonah’s up-to-date body of work, please visit

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Tara DeLisio, owner + creative director

Responsible for nurturing this co-creation at every evolution, teasing out Jonah’s natural ability to design and showcasing his work in their first retail space, Service Station est. 2003.

Tara’s entrepreneurial drive to establish a furniture business with Jonah, eclipsed earlier years in the biological sciences and childhood development and it wasn’t until later when parenthood became part of their dynamic that all of these interests converged in the ultimate vision of creating a meaningful life.

She is inspired by their ever surprising and curious children, Waldorf Education, being in business, creating soft-cels of intimacy and creativity, balance, investigating belief systems, personal ceremony and ultimately by the idea of home as a center of life.